Parallel FS

HPC applications tend to be used for computational analysis, data-intensive research, rich media, three-dimensional computer modelling, seismic processing, data mining and large-scale simulation. Driven by CPU-intensive processing, such applications handle large volumes of data over short periods of time while also in some cases permitting simultaneous access from multiple servers.

The need to process large volumes of data quickly has huge repercussions for HPC storage, given that storage I/O capabilities are typically much lower than those of processors. An HPC storage system needs large capacity accessible at high speed and to be highly expandable, while offering a single global namespace accessible to all users involved in the project.

Parallel file systems allows HPC requirements and the most HPC system is using parallel filesystems which more rapid access and higher I/O performance to files than other file systems. Multiple parallel file system nodes can help to access easily large files as well as small files. 

We will help when you want to help filesystem design or deployment using parallel file system.